InfyTQ v/s HackWithInfy

InfyTQ v/s HackWithInfy

Check Eligibility:

Registration for both Infytq and HackWithInfy is open to B.E./B. Tech/M.E./M. Tech students graduating in 2022.

Exam Pattern:


HackWithInfy Coding Round


The major difference between Infytq and Hackwithinfy is that Infytq is a certification exam whereas Hackwithinfy is a coding Hackathon. You need to be good at either Python/Java to get certified as an “Infosys Certified Software Programmer” via Infytq. For HackwithInfy you should have good coding skills to crack it.

  1. SE(Systems Engineer)
  2. 2.SES(Systems Engineer Specialist)
  3. 3.PP(Power Programmer).

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q.1. Where will HackWithInfy 2021 be conducted? Is it an online or an offline event?

  • i3 Core processor or higher
  • Minimum 4GB RAM
  • Functional webcam.



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