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In the session we cover Essential roadmap to cracking 12+ LPA in 3 months
✅ Step-by-step process of becoming an expert in any programming language
✅ Number of questions students must practice before they sit for a programming interview
✅ Difference between pre-recorded, instructor-led & mentor support Bootcamps
✅ Best way to hack a job if a student fails to get a job after 3 months of self-learning
✅ Bona fide way of getting students doubts solved

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💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️ Is Amazon your dream company?

Edyst has guided 100+ students for Amazon interviews and technical rounds

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✅ The different hiring rounds at Amazon

✅ Amount of competitive programming you must know to crack Amazon

✅ Important concepts you must know for the technical round

✅ Important concepts you must know for the interview round

✅ Preferred programming language to crack Amazon interview

✅ Best preparation strategy for Amazon





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